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Hello ********,

We appreciate the fact that you are interested in doing this Job. Your resume perfectly fits the bill for this Job which is why we contacted you. 
Yiwu Cosmetics is a Chinese company which deals with all brands of cosmetics. Yiwu Cosmetics is tending to break into Europe and London has been chosen to be the starting point which is the essence of this 3 Weeks contract which you have been offered. You alongside other experienced hands will be working with our team for 3 Weeks to enable launch of products into the British Market.

Your Job entails overall branding of Yiwu Cosmetics Image so it is safe to say you would be our International representative and Image maker because when people see you in the media they would see Yiwu Cosmetics. You will be involved in Media briefings, TV and Bill Board adverts and this will run for 3  Weeks as you would see in the contract that will be sent to you. You will also play an integral part in the final grand launch of the cosmetics which takes place in London. You will also be working with other Models here in London and a few coming from America and Africa as well you will be in Photo-Shoots,Tv Commercials.Billboard adverts, etc.

You are being hired as an International Model. You will be paid 60,000 Great Britain Pounds (GBP 60,000) as contract sum (50% of this sum plus your travel expense will be paid as upfront as soon as you meet the required terms of the contract). A weekly salary of GBP 800(This will be paid at the end of every week),An Accommodation/Apartment allowance of GBP 1,900 and a travel allowance of GBP 1,500.

Yiwu Cosmetics Ltd is willing to assist in taking care of your Visa Application process that is if you do not possess one and cannot get one on your own and also Yiwu Cosmetics being your employer would be covering covering the cost of your UK Work documents should you need any. You are required to already possess a valid travel Passport and if you are an European, an Identity Card will be enough for you to come to London.

You will be required to secure an apartment during the duration of the contract in London. That is the obligation you MUST fulfill if you want to do this Job, we need an 100% commitment so the terms of this contract requires you to cover the cost of accommodation and when you arrive in London you will be paid an accommodation allowance as you would see in the contract i will be sending you. We as a company back in china has had several experiences in the sense that we have had Models who we cover all expenses ranging from housing,travel expenses and all documentations. In the end some of this Models fails to turn up due to the fact that they made no investments whatsoever there by making us a company to run at loss because we have spent money acquiring the required documents to work. 

So in a board meeting which ushered in the ideology for this Job in London it was agreed that models coming from abroad pay for their own apartments after signing the contract,in this regard we will be sure they will attend. As seen in the details of this job and as you would see in the contract I will be sending you,it is clearly stated that after you secure the apartment, you would receive a 50% part payment plus your travel expenses. In a case where you have someone in the UK within the location of the company then you are free to stay with the person provided you will be able to give your all without any form of distraction or hindrance.

Otherwise you must get the apartment before you arrive in the UK and to that effect a housing agent has been contracted to aid you in getting any apartment of your choice. The apartment is to prove your commitment and readiness to do this Job as it will also enable us to send a 50% upfront payment plus travel expenses. The Job kick starts on the 20th August 2012.

I await your email.

Marlon Bridges.